Reign of Winter: When Trees Attack

It seems fitting to kick off this blog with talking about the game that I’ve been running. As mentioned elsewhere, I do a Pathfinder game with my friends every other week. The off weeks, someone else runs a different game. For my turn, I run Reign of Winter, a Paizo Pathfinder campaign that dabbles in Russian folklore, history, and me failing miserably at Russian names. And I know my players will let me know as I do.

I gave my players allowance with the hook and they decided to be a misfit group of soldiers left to defend the town itself, as opposed to the border where the High Sentinels run. We have a Half-Fetchling Dirge Bard, a Half-Elf Ax Ranger, a Human Deception Witch, and a Halfling Wizard. On occasion when one of our Halfling can’t make it, we toss in a Human Life Oracle of my creation who mostly gets used for healing, but has surprisingly good aim with her crossbow.


So far, they’ve killed most of the fey they’ve been put up against, though they did try to pump the sprites for information and failed when they accidentally killed one they’d frozen and hidden away in their bag. They’ve retaken the High Sentinels’ lodge, which was clearly taken over by rich kids who wanted prestige considering how easy this group took on the bandits, captured Rohkar, befriended Two-Penny, not only saved Lady Argentea, but also took the sprite that Rohkar had stuffed in a cage and decided to keep them as a pet. Not a happy pet, mind you, but they’ve figured out that he’d rather die and just left him back at their base to sweat it out.

With the first part officially behind them, we’ve reentered the woods. I forego the constant checks because they’ve been A) making a valid effort to prepare for the weather down to the Ranger having Shoes as a Crafting skills, and B) with everything else going on, I feel like in this situation it would take away from the game experience as opposed to add to it. Your mileage may vary, of course. After speaking to the Ulfen mercenary in Argentea’s guard, they realized they should maybe invest in some cold iron weapons. We worked out some cold iron arrows for them, though our Witch kept trying to bargain the price down since they were soldiers, and they took Yuln’s offered sword with them on their journey to seek out the source of this winter magic.

We got through the next four areas nearly, the bridge, the body, skeletons, but stopped at the trees due to time restraints. The creatures were little work for them, Two-Penny staying back, but shooting on her turn still, and one of the Ents ended up on fire not long before it died. The entertaining obstacle was the bridge.

They came to the resolution to tie a rope to the Halfling and let her try the swaying rickety, bridge. A charge failed, but the rope held. A second charge failed, and again she dropped, but they managed to pull her up by the rope. Finally, they switched to let the Bard, and Captain of the little group go first, and she went slowly enough to not have to make a check. The rest of the group followed suit, except for the Witch. Our Witch has a habit of making amazing rolls though, and got across the bridge just fine with a full charge. Given our Ranger’s Perception rolls and the ever magic checking Witch, they got everything else taken care of easily, even finding the lost journal.

To be honest, I wasn’t as prepared for this session as I should have been, but I think it turned out alright. Next time, I’ll have all my ducks in a row once more. I’m absolutely looking forward to see how they deal with the next part.

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