Rise of the Runelords: He’s Just a Casual Necromancer

Every other week, we switch it up. Though I run RoW, our Witch player from that game runs Rise of the Runelords. It’s a good game, lots to do and a load of loot. We’re already in the second book, The Skinsaw Murders, and it’s a truly engaging plot. As much as I enjoy it, I sometimes wonder if I shouldn’t have made a more diplomatic character.

Istah, my Half-Elf Shoanti Trapper Ranger is great at what she does. Her Perception and Survival checks help us out constantly and as long as I remember to search for traps, oh, she’ll find them. I’ve got her loaded down with arrows, masterwork composite longbow, masterwork hand ax, but! I keep forgetting to sit down and make my traps. And my dumb head decided to take the Trapper archetype, so no magic. No magic and no using magic devices even. It’s not the worst decision, but it would have just made my life a little easier if she could sometimes. Ah well, she’s an archer, so she gets pretty far from the actual combat when she can.


So, personally I still feel like our racist noble NPC buddy from Magnamar has some kind of tie to all of this, but if he’s a red herring, I won’t be all that surprised. We finished up at the Sanitarium, which wasn’t as scary as I was expecting. Istah, Leora (Human Oracle), and Pie (Gnome Rogue) took out a slew of zombies after Istah and Leora stumbled upon the lab where they were being created and the man that was creating them. It was a little close for Leora, but she can heal herself at least, since we can’t. One of the positive things about my gaming while sick is I totally forgot which token was supposed to be the necromancer as opposed to his mirror images, so was good and realistic guessing by just shooting from left to right until one of them wouldn’t disappear.

Once we got him knocked out, we searched around his lab, beheaded a couple preserved corpses, just in case, and found his evil spellbook with the same Thesalonian symbol we’d seen with the goblins earlier. Shock! Once Padrick (Werebear Paladin) and Rani (Vishkanyan Monk) came back from going upstairs and dealing with their own conflict, we took away the remaining people who were meant to be there, and Pie and Rani burned the place down. Istah babysat, not trusting them to keep the fire from spreading. There was some roasted squirrels.

Once all of that is settled, people are again missing things from their rooms with mystery claw marks on the outside of the window to Leora’s room, but we can only put the inn owner on guard for us as we are soon off to look into man eating scarecrows in the countryside. You see what I mean about a lot to do? It keeps you busy. Though we didn’t have time for much looking into it before we had to end for the night, Padrick and Pie did end up lock picking their way into someone’s house who tried to lock them out in fear. With Pie rolling some amazing Bluff checks to try to explain that she had forgotten to lock the door. It was great!

Overall really fun session and our continued mission to not kill all the baddies!

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