Reign of Winter: Burn It All

Now, this session I should have brought my laptop cord. I absolutely had enough time to get them through the end of this section. It all went very quickly, I was truly impressed. They took everything well, fast, and without much chance for questioning. I’m sorry, but I’m a little amused that they didn’t get the chance to interrogate anyone.

The group carried onward into the forest, following the worn path and the ever casting Detect Magic. Which was pretty smart, though the game doesn’t make it hard to find your way. The sometimes used Life Oracle was unnecessary this session, as all of our players attended easily this week. Considering I couldn’t hear very well, I think ultimately it went well.


With the trees out of the way, our soldiers found themselves surrounded by bloody footprints and bear traps. They only tripped one, but they managed to dodge the actual effect of it. At least it was our Ranger, Fae, so she could move past it easily. They made a train that got them through the rest of the area, and then there was the ice maze.

The book calls it an ice maze, but I feel like that’s a misnomer. If you reference the map there, it’s more like a collection of ice blocks and stones. I think it would have lured people in better if it had been a maze. Considering the little girl specter that acts as a lure, I guess it still works out. They took that the bait and three of them even crossed into the trap. Three out of four PCs is a good catch, I figure.

They then checked out the doll’s cabin. Yelizevita, our witch from Irrisen, recognized the chicken legs from the stories you knew from her homeland, so that made them a little cautious. I should have hammed up the cabin situation more, but it was still effective. Fae wanted to burn it down, as did Claire, our wizard, but the others felt there needed to be some investigation. They found the doll, who did manage to pull some creepy giggling, strange knocking, and slamming the door on them before they finally just attacked her. The battle went well, the doll actually had some decent rolls. No one died, luckily, but Claire got close. Once the doll was taken down, they kept the head and Claire pried the mirror out of her face. It was until later they were made aware that the mirror was enchanted with mirror sight. They did figure it out though, and have the mirror covered. But still on them.

With the doll taken care of, they checked the rest of the area, opting to melt the ice to see if there was anything hidden within. I let them do it in chunks to keep from using all of their wand charges. They need fire, and I’m pretty sure they know it. Of course, they found nothing except for a dead bunny. So, they stayed the night in the creepy chicken legged cabin.

All was well for a time, until there was a noise outside. I actually scooted Izoze’s ambush since it would have made no sense to set it farther along given they opted to sleep at the cabin. Fae managed to get on the roof, as did Claire, but Aronetala, our Bard and captain, was the one that ultimately found them. In the same bush she had just entered. But Claire burned Izoze and the elemental that were going to ambush them before much ambushing happened. The funny thing is that Two-Penny and Yelizevita slept through the hole thing inside while the quick fight happened outside.

The next morning, they found and triggered the Glyph of Warding, then went onward to find the giant white weasels they’d been seeing signs of for several scenes now. Given how quickly they took down the first one, who tried to steal away Fae for dinner, I tossed a second one out for them to deal with. It never managed to get it’s grip on Yelizevita, but it kept them busy for a while.

Of course, when they get to the point where I’d be setting up the last spot before the end of this section, my laptop about dies. Moral of the story, always take your laptop cord or you’ll end up with like an hour of downtime at the end of the session.

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