Young Centurions: Academics Talk the Best BS

A friend of mine from Fate Community on Facebook wanted to run a playtest for the new Young Centurions game tonight, so you get a bonus entry since I’m still mentally here for it. The game is really fun! You should absolutely check it out if you enjoy the Fate system.

They utilize the Advanced Fate System, which seemed similar to how things ran when we played the Mass Effect game. The game is set during the 1910’s, and the PCs are all Centurians, all younger than 18 years old. Each of them are a Spirit, which is what they draw their powers from. Today was mostly character building with some role play since we had a small turnout.

My character was Dwight St. Martin, a professor’s son who sometimes ducks class to sit in on college classes and higher learning sessions. He is the Spirit of Intuition and a puzzle master extraordinaire. He and Margot, a Spirit of Invention, are interning at the local newspaper when a story hits about local boys dying from unknown causes! Margot investigates by talking to people while Dwight went down to the archives to see what he could dig up. Once they had the boys’ names, and the fact that one was still alive, they were off to the hospital.

Originally, the plan was going to involve Dwight faking sick, but instead, he used his Dazzling BS to get a nurse to believe that he and the sick boy were school friends and he was so genuinely worried about him. It worked! They got the locations the boy had visited and enough general intel out of him to move along. Once they decided to check out the Records Room, Margot put on a story about needing their father’s death certificate. The nurses seemed to buy it, but once she was pushed for a name, she faked a sobbing spell, grabbing the nurse to distract her while Dwight used her unlocking device to try to find the files. With one down his shirt, he took his “sister” away to let their fake mother deal with this another day.

With the file and the boy’s story both implying poison as far as Dwight felt, it was decided that they would need additional man, or child power, and we opted to stop for the night. That way the others can get involved as well next time. I know I’m looking forward to their extended adventures!

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