Reign of Winter: Intimidate The Old, Dying Guy

I wish there were traps in the area with the portal. I do, I think it would be perfectly evil. Maybe my PCs are stronger than the book expects, because they kill stuff pretty quickly, so anything for a challenge now I’m feeling would be of use. We were down a player, but she gave handed off her sheet so that her sister played both witch and bard. I think it worked out fine, both characters tend to try to move the party along over all, so in-character-wise I think that still flowed well. I did end half an hour early for the sake of knowing our missing player would be interested in what was happening, and to be fair, it was also where everyone leveled up. It wasn’t an out of place pause, believe me.


Since we were so close to the portal, I finally started pushing the weather on them. One of them does have snow shoes, but the rest were hindered. Then as they got closer to the portal, I slowed them even more. Which, admittedly, just turned into counting rounds and throwing a d4 to see how far they got before it started up again.

They knocked off Hommel and Teb easily enough, Hommel wasn’t even able to toss down his thunderstone, so now they have thunderstones and all of his goodies besides Teb’s potion of feather step. What got them was the sprites. They got into trouble before with the other sprites too, this is almost expected. I was proud of them though, even though they did Detect Magic and knew where they were, one of them still ended up going to it. Bravo, Aronetala! She took a colorspray to the face, as did Fae. But this was the first time color spray actually really struck, so that was interesting in itself. I really think my dice are on their side so far this game. Still, Arontala was dragged into the trap, but the little guys kept missing. They’re literally shooting a Bard they tossed into a hole, and they’re missing their shots. Bad sprites!

Once those were taken care of, they checked the other igloos, grabbed up all the furs they could carry, and carried on toward the portal. Since there was no real way Ted would have been signaled since the thunderstone never got tossed, they found a tree. And they ran checks because they knew this tree was magic, but it took a moment to find that it was evil. One that actually started going, he was quickly defeated.  Then came the fun part: the portal.

They talked outside of it, discussing what they were going to do, then out came the Black Rider. I was surprised they didn’t ask a couple of the questions that were expected from the book, but they still received all the pertinent information. Fae wanted to intimidate him back through the portal, Claire offered to heal him, but he was too far gone. I’m glad the book is so final about that considering how much these players like healing and saving people. I’m all for helping people, but some NPCs are created to die.

He gave them the keys, killed himself, and turned back into an old man. I was half expecting them to check the body, and I know y’all read this sometimes, so I’ll tell you now , you didn’t miss anything by not checking the body. He dissolved into an old man with a black cloak and that’s all. It’s a smaller surprise than the fact they didn’t just try to burn everything. Still, onward to Irrisen, home of Yelizevita, our failed Winter Witch.

Going through the portal, they immediately find a giant mantis attacking people! That was actually slightly more of a fight than Teb. But that was where we stopped. Next game will involve people, chatter, and lots of snow.


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